Monday, June 22, 2009

Wedding on the Hudson

This wedding was so much fun! It took place in the banks of the Hudson River under a grove of weeping willows... later on the reception was held in a charmingly rustic camp lodge with big windows that overlooked the water.

Sierra and I decided to pay homage to summer and use less.than.ripe blueberries in our boutonnieres!

Instead of using traditional floral centerpieces we potted herbs in pretty patina buckets so that guests could take them home and plant them. The one exception was the head table that was covered in lilacs (the bride's favorite)! We also replaced the traditional water and wine glasses with mason jars in various sizes. The groom's mum is an avid canner and is going to use them for jam this year!

For the place cards we decided to kill two birds with one stone and have them double as favors... each consisted of a tiny bucket filled with potting soil and a handmade seed packet/placecard filled with sweet basil seeds!

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