Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deep Water... kind of

A few months ago we teamed up with our favorite catering company, Stuart and Welch, (check them out at http://www.stuartandwelch.com) to put together their launch party here in the city... more on that later. In the process of designing the party Sierra and I got a little carried away and decided we wanted to bring the outdoors in... and what better way to do that than to build a pond? So we embarked on a major floral design adventure...

We built a base for our pond out of floral foam and chicken wire and then attached pond liner through the center. Here we have started to add florals to the structure.

To make it look straight from the garden we use sheet moss to cover our mechanics.

Here we are having a little dip.

Voila! The final product at the event! Don't you want to just dive in?

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