Wednesday, February 10, 2010

what to do in BK when it snows..

I have to say being snowed in with a chef is really the best possible scenario when there is over a foot of snow on the ground and its still pouring from the sky. Most of the morning was spent writing proposals for upcoming weddings while Michael of Stuart & Welch whipped up some delicious dishes for his event tomorrow. Periodically he'd pop in to feed me a homemade cookie or refill my coffee mug. Layla, his gorgeous boxer, roamed around all morning hoping we'd drop a crumb or two.
When it was time for a break, we did what most couples do...arts and crafts (duh). The goal was to take tin cans and glass mason jars that he's been collecting from cooking and turn them into something pretty and re-usable. We had everything on hand already which made it easier, but all of these items are very easy to obtain. Try it yourself!

Materials: Glue, moss, raffia, tin cans, and/or mason jars.
It's very simple. Cover the container with glue and attache the moss. For the raffia just tie around the top. Drop a simple tea light or votive inside and voila!

Have fun and stay warm if you're in NYC!

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