Monday, March 15, 2010

in the middle of a monsoon/hurricane rainstorm here in nyc on saturday, 20 or so amazing designers, bloggers, photographers, and chefs trekked out to join us for a little afternoon soiree. the goal was to meet and introduce fantastic nyc based small business owners to one another. ultimately we hoped to begin building a network of like minded creative people here in this wonderful city.
here is a peek into our day...

juliet and i designed these bouquets saturday morning for our photo shoot with jen huang. the flowers (poppies) pretty much speak for themselves.
the lovely amanda from ruffled blog, one of our favorites vane from brooklyn bride, and the incredible lisa from bridalease (first pic)
the extremely talented and emerging designer janelle sing and our partner in crime jackie from merci new york (second pic)

diy toast bar provided by stuart & welch catering. boozy lemonade. mmm

diy cupcake bar provided by stuart & welch catering

sweet treat lollies provided by merci new york. poppies in vintage bud vases by us.

guests were given mini chalkboards to write their names on and wear as their name tags.

everyone dropped a card in each of the tins when they came out. on the way out each guest took a tin home with everyone's business cards.

poppies, need i say more?

*all photos provided by jen huang*

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  1. what a great idea for a networking event!!