Friday, March 5, 2010

nyc's newest hot spot.

Have you ever walked into abc home furnishings and wished you could just sit and hang all day while sipping cocktails? Well now you can!
I was lucky enough to make my way into the first night of friends and family (with my fab roommate) at Jean-Georges latest creation abc kitchen. Located on 18th street between Broadway and Park Ave South, there is no sign hanging out front, but you'll know you're there when you enter through their gorgeous shabby chic antiqued mercury glass doors.

abc kitchen taps into the leadership and expertise of the abc home curation, featuring sustainable, local, artisan indigenous, salvage, recycled and goodwood stories.

one of my favorite elements in the restaurant is the gorgeous porcelain dinnerware by artisan jan burtz.

All of the chandeliers are mismatched and the exposed beams give the restaurant a rustic element. Bud vases adorn each table with simple stems of chamomile. Did I mention that everything in the restaurant is "green" from soy candles to even the pens you use to sign your bill. The didn't miss a beat!

The atmosphere was enough to bring me back time and time again, but an added bonus was how clean, fresh, and delicious all of the food was.
abc kitchen with jean-georges is dedicated to a regionally-grown, organically focused cuisine that is rooted in cultivating a safe relationship with the environment and our table.
the entire night was so special and inspiring. oh and, jean-georges even came to check up on our meal and shake our hands. this comes to no suprise to my roommate who knows him well at work, but for me a true treat.

Once they're open you MUST stop in to try their delicious roasted carrot and avocado salad, have a cocktail and enjoy the design!

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