Monday, April 5, 2010

getting dirty in bk

jess planting some pansies along side our dahlias

our dahlia plants we bought at the park slope farmers market on saturday

this past weekend was absolutely gorgeous in nyc. so, my girlfriends and i took the opportunity to garden in my boyfriend's backyard. this backyard space is really a diamond in the ruff. it may look a bit bare now, but as soon as everything blooms i plan on spending a significant amount of time lounging back there. he already has hydrangea bushes that are coming back from past years and every day something new is blooming. oh and did i mention he has a fire pit and he owns stuart & welch catering?! now that is a recipe for a yummy summer.

michael staining more wine crates for herbs

herb boxes that line the area

dirty hands is a sign of hard work

pup (layla) loungin inside away from the heat

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