Friday, April 9, 2010

nike + bride = comfortable wedding

juliet often finds pleasure in teasing me about my basketball days. at 5 foot 1 inch it is quite amusing that i once played college basketball. when i recently heard about cole haan's new nike air bridal line it made perfect sense to me. trying to walk anywhere in heels to me seems like a trying task and i just cant imagine doing it for hours at my wedding. also, you can really get your boogy on in something this comfortable.

*also make sure to check out their line of nike air flats. great for everyday strolling*


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I will have to look into these! They look amazing for shoes designed to be comfortable. I still have not decided if I want to suffer for fashion lol. Probably not ...

    PS I am enjoying following your blog and would love if you could follow mine too. I am a brand new blogger.

  2. thanks for following and glad you enjoy it!