Thursday, June 10, 2010

flowers, food, & art II

the lesson was focused on the language of flowers. everyone got the chance to design their own "tussy mussie" in a mini tea tin. traditionally a tussy mussie consisted of an arrangement designed with a single rose and herbs surrounding it. since it was mother's day we chose mint for virtue, a single pink rose for grace, and thistle for nobility.

for more on this event and to check out cute ways to make this a wedding shower or bachelorette party please check out our feature on dognbird today!


  1. What a sweet idea! Photos are great. xx

  2. How sweet, you guys are the bestest! The thistle is reminding me of the lovely M-Day arrangement I ordered from you. I actually replanted the succulent and used it at an event this weekend, it's on my blog ;)

  3. Aw Adrienne, that is so nice to hear!!! That succulent was soft and cool:)

  4. Love, Love, LOVE your work!!! I wish you guys are based in Dallas, Texas so you can make my wedding look a magical one!

    Keep up with the great works!