Monday, November 1, 2010

faux terrariums

when a pr team approached us about designing something unique and special for timberland's new women's line we put our thinking caps on. the result were 45 faux terrariums designed in apothecary jars. succulents, air plants, thistle, and craspedia were among some of the hearty elements we used. the most exciting bit on our end was delivering them personally to various fashion editors from some amazing publications such as vogue, vanity fair, ny times, elle, and many more!


  1. Beautiful! I really love your terrariums. By "faux" terrariums, do you mean that the plants are artificial? Or are they faux in that the plants don't naturally grow in similar habitats and aren't meant to live in a terrarium together for long? I'm curious!

    kate of

  2. The plants and flowers are all real! They're just not all going to thrive in a terrarium environment... but they will last quite awhile and make someone's desk look pretty snazzy!

  3. Good to know! I've planted succulents in open terrariums but they have never lived long. I don't know what went wrong. I used rocks for drainage, a thin layer of charcoal, and cacti mix. Any ideas? My only guess is that I didn't water them enough.

    Regardless, your terrariums blow my terrariums out of the water. One of yours would look ever-so-snazzy on my desk. I want one!