Monday, January 17, 2011

vintage garden

juliet and i both swoon over the fruits and veggies at the market. whether we're sourcing kumquats, persimmons, or raspberries, produce is always an element that elevates any design. so, when i was perusing the ny times this weekend and came across these gorgeous illustrations i had to stop and peek.
the story goes...
"From 1850 to 1895, Vilmorin-Andrieux & Cie, a Parisian seed company, commissioned a series of lavish illustrations as advertisements for its vegetables and fruits. The collection of 46 lithographs, by some of the period’s most notable botanical artists, was eventually published as the “Album Vilmorin (Les Plantes Potagères),” a volume that survives in only a few libraries today. The album showcased the work of the company, started in 1743 by Claude Geoffroy, the daughter of a seed merchant, and Pierre D’Andrieux, a botanist to King Louis XV, and the pioneering work done by their heirs, who were among the first to practice the science of seed breeding."-NY Times

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