Wednesday, May 18, 2011

frankie's spuntino

about a month ago, which feels like an eternity, we designed a very sweet, intimate wedding at frankie's in carrol gardens. it was on that first day of real spring weather and everyone was out walking around shaking off winter. frankie's is the perfect place to go on a day like this one. it's that type of place that makes you feel like you're in some cute, little, new england town. everyone who works there is so friendly, the food is fresh, and the atmosphere is always relaxing.
since there is always at least a hour wait to dine at frankie's we thought it was a good time to take advantage and sit in their garden after we set up the wedding. we bribed our friend jen huang to come snap a few photos. we used delicious nibbles and yummy wine as her prize to lure her to brooklyn. knowing how amazing the food is she jumped at the offer and we all sat in the garden courtesy of the amazing staff who saved us a table during our set up.
the flowers were simple yet refreshing housed in clean, white ceramic vases and placed on burlap runners. the bride requested a few specific flowers such as thistle, white heather, and apple blossom, which were right up our alley. we paired them with gorgeous peonies, oregano and various other types of herbs. we hung a giant herb wreath on the back wall that was so stunning i wish i could have it in my home!
if you get the chance to go to frankie's it's worth the wait!

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