Wednesday, June 1, 2011

romance at the foundry

a few weeks ago we designed a wedding at the foundry (best venue ever!) for my soon to be sister in law's cousin who we just adore and love to pieces. kara had a great vision for the day and even though it poured for the two days leading up to the wedding and most of the actual day, it was a happy and joyful day all around!
kara & marko, her now hubby, had dated for 9 years! yes, that is right 9 years! the best man joked during his speech that when he heard they were engaged he thought to himself "aren't you already married?!"
even though they'd been together for almost a decade, she still wanted some romance in the big day. the decor and flowers were all very feminine, romantic, and soft which contrasted really nicely with the industrial, urban setting of the foundry.
i thought this photo snapped by angelica glass of kara and her dad walking down the aisle was just the sweetest. can't wait to share more!

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