Wednesday, July 6, 2011

after a few crazy days of playing catch up from this lovely july 4th weekend, it dawned on me that we've neglected our blog this week. it's all with good reason, i assure you!
juliet headed out to the west coast to attend a wedding at the kendall jackson estate. yes, she got to go there for a wedding as a guest and reports back that it is as gorgeous as you'd imagine. i (sierra) skipped off to shohola, pa for an amazing weekend of sunshine, gardens, and cooking. among the many beautiful veg growing in the garden were snap peas. i wanted to cut it all to take home and weave through arrangements, but figured the owners would not appreciate it much so held myself back.
once we got back, we signed a new lease for a studio that is literally 10 times the size of our current one (whoohoo) so we've been running around trying to organize our massive piles of vases and props.
best parts about the upcoming move:
no more butt bumping
no more kicking things over
bigger cooler
no more butt bumping!

more to come soon...

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