Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday with Matt: Backyard Weddings

Julie and I recently watched "Jumping the Broom", (yeah it was pretty good...) but it got me thinking about backyard weddings. The first wedding that I remember going to was in a backyard; my aunt's wedding in my grandparent's garden. Even if you get marquee and a caterer and a florist, there's something really sweet and let's-put-on-a-showish and about having the ceremony and/or reception at home.

If you have the space for the desired amount of guests, and the patience to welcome that same amount into your home... then why not?

You might not recognize the backyard, but I'm sure you'll remember the facade of this home as the setting to one the most hilarious backyard weddings...

The "Father of the Bride" house! Pretty much the ultimate backyard wedding. Even the most ridiculous of decorations (swans) are leveled out by the classic Americana that this house just oozes.

And what about us city dwellers? "Backyard" would be a gorgeous and kitschy theme for a wedding held in a modern New York loft. A chuppah fashioned after a porch, LOTS of paper lanterns, flowers like they were picked from a garden, picnic tables and outside furniture, BBQ for dinner, decorations of potted plants, maybe even some jars of filled with fireflies.

Imagine them sitting on windowsills or placed amongst flower arrangements... I wonder where you can buy fireflies.

X - Matt

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