Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday with Matt: Coed Wedding Parties

The day of your wedding is something you'll want to share with your besties, whether they be ladies or gentlemen. There's been a marked increase in the past couple years with the number of coed wedding parties; bridesmen and best women are really not that surprising these days. A good friend of mine, Chelsey, who got married last summer had a creative solution when assigning wedding party roles to her best gays. Wanting to have balanced numbers between her bridesmaids and the groomsmen and not having any children in her family available to be pageboy and ringbearer, she asked her friends Jonathan and Paul to fill in.

Dressing the "boys" in vintage sailor suits was a cheeky way to include friends and further her fabulous and kitschy nautical theme. Also fabulous and kitschy? Chelsey's "Washington Crossing the Delaware" pose.

Hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous fall weather as much as I am!

X Matt

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