Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday with Matt: Procrastination

So I had planned on posting yesterday about how to work the sixties vibe that is so well done on Mad Men (and so copied on The Playboy Club and Pan Am) into your wedding... but procrastinated all weekend and Monday because I couldn't figure out an angle. Today, still procrastinating, I decided to take a walk. It must have been fate, because I was stopped dead in my tracks when I saw this sofa...

... in the window of The Future Perfect. Thank you procrastination. It's kind of official, this is my new favorite sofa to obsess about. I love the classic Chesterfield shape paired with the bold ethnic weave. Designer Donna Wilson's things are all so lovely. I especially love her fox pillow as well.

Having a registry at The Future Perfect would be too dreamy, I would have to choose everything.

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