Monday, October 31, 2011

Monday with Matt: Off the Registry

Yesterday I was a guest at the wedding off a friend and co-worker and his lovely partner of 19 years. It was a such a fun and funny ceremony and a lovely reception. I however, have not yet gotten around to getting them a gift. They were registered, but as is always the case by the time I got around to checking it everything good was already taken. So I've been thinking (rationalizing) that maybe they might like something off the registry... do they really need a another set of forks? I mean, they've been together for 19 years... they're not exactly putting together their household. Don't you think they'd prefer this absurdly amazing mirror?

Available at moss, it's a handcrafted Day of the Dead mirror... I know it's a bit loud, but it's so awesome.
On a quieter and perhaps more useful note, I also love these hooks

...from The Future Perfect. I love that all the objects depicted are so murder-weapony, and the blood red color is great.
So I know going off the registry is not always the best advice... but sometimes for the right couple a really expressive gift can be perfect.

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