Friday, November 11, 2011

west coast adventure part 1

{juliet in the LA flower market)
{fresh fruit stand at the LA flower market)
{mountains of santa ynez)

{figueroa mountain house in santa ynez)

last sunday we hopped on a plane with jen huang photography, bryn from paperfinger, and michael stuart ny to sunny california. monday morning juliet and i headed to the LA flower market at the wee hour of 5am to stock up on as many pretty flowers as we could find. we scoured that market hard and came out with some amazing finds. among them were tree peonies, dahlias, andromeda, an entire cut garden rose bush for only $25 and so much more.
we packed the rental car as tight as we could and headed towards santa ynez to meet up with the rest of the gang. the drive was absolutely beautiful and after many winding roads we ended up 10 miles from civilization in the middle of the santa ynez mountains. on the property there were wild horses, goats, ostriches, and birds!
we were so lucky and stayed for 3 nights to help style an industry dinner party and jen's photography workshop. we were so excited to meet jen from green wedding shoes, summer from grey likes weddings, and one of our favorite photographers jose villa throughout the week. we can't wait to share more from this amazing adventure and of course some of jen's photos of our flowers once there ready. happy weekend!

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