Monday, January 16, 2012

beach vacay essentials

nyc has been a whopping 20 degrees on average lately, leaving me cuddled up on the couch. somehow among the frigid temps and layers of clothing i can still imagine a warm sunny beach and day dream about our upcoming costa rican trip. i think it may actually be making me feel warmer.
i've come up with some essentials to a successful sunbathing adventure and thought i'd share them with you . sunnies are a must, vibrant string bikini, tribal print towel, bright nail polish, and a one piece for night time swimming. ok maybe the last one is a bit overboard, but i can't pass up the chartreuse.
1. chloe sunnies, 2., 3. calypso, 4. clambake nail polish by essie, 5. anthropologie

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