Wednesday, January 25, 2012


juliet is still gone this week in south africa visiting family, so i've been holding down the fort around here. you shouldn't feel badly for me because in another week i'll be jetting off to costa rica and she'll be doing the same for me. whoohoo!
i got to thinking this week that there are so many social media networks to belong to these days that it's beginning to make my head spin. it also seems to be a bit repetitive to update everything from facebook, twitter, and instagram on a daily basis. not to mention i'm feeling a bit bored with twitter and facebook lately. my new crack is instagram. instagram is sort of a visual diary for your life with the only difference from your other diary is that everyone can view this one. most of the photos posted are gorgeous, which makes it even more addicting and you can easily see what your friends thought to be a pretty post or an interesting tidbit making the fun endless.
i thought this morning i'd share a few of my recent posts from the past two days. yesterday i woke up at 6am to deliver flowers to the james hotel for an event, which may sound horrid to most people but it was actually a fun little adventure. i had no idea that their view from the penthouse was so breathtaking and they have a pool to go along with the high rises! occasionally some of the flowers make it back to my apartment after an event, so naturally i woke up this morning and began rearranging them all just for the hell of it. i thought this second photo was a lovely moment captured of some gorgeous blooms hanging out together this morning. moving right along my boyfriend's catering company, michael stuart ny, catered the event yesterday, which means the leftovers come to me. i whipped up a bowl full of their homemade baked oatmeal (kind of like soft granola) paired with fresh fruit and a little bit of soy milk.
if you're interested check out my diary here.

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