Monday, January 9, 2012

Monday with Matt: Paper

I've been thinking a lot about paper recently, and how with a bit of thought there is no end to the amount of pretty decorations one can make. I've noticed quite a few window displays featuring cut out snow flakes and paper garlands in shops all over town, and they really do look quite charming.
I found a whole bunch of paper flower crafts over on Martha Stewart, but I was especially taken with the dahlias.

Wouldn't that be pretty for a baby or wedding shower? All those lovely paper dahlias with bursts of them hanging from the ceiling?
Then these thoughts of paper and flowers and romance reminded me (this is how my mind works) of the Isabella Rosselini shorts on the Sundance Channel. Green Porno and Seduce Me... they really are much better than the titles suggest. Her production team has done some wildly imaginative design with mostly paper. The resulting videos are quirky and informative, but also strangely pretty.

I love the paper finger!

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