Monday, January 23, 2012


after a short hiatus from our studio, i ventured down to the flower market this morning and picked up some gorgeous winter blooms for an event tomorrow. today reminded me why we included poppies in our company name to begin with. they are some of the prettiest flowers out there and i especially adore their tissue paper-esque petals. i must also give a shout out to the ranunculus, which were as big as garden roses and the most beautiful blush color i ever did see. mother nature you never cease to amaze me and i don't think i'll ever be able to stop the giddiness that i feel at first sight. it seriously took over most of my morning, but somehow i eventually managed to stop gaucking at the flowers and posting photos of them to instagram for long enough for a special guest to stop by our studio. it took me a minute to get over her striking resemblance to natalie portman in garden state, but once i did we had a great chat about her working with our team this upcoming year and she stayed long enough to make a very pretty arrangement herself. she rocked it out and did a great job!
i'm off to snuggle up to emails, proposal writing, and a call with a texan bride to boot.


  1. Love the arrangement! What type of vase/container is that?

    1. Thanks Candace! It's a footed, antique mercury glass vase. Thanks for commenting!