Tuesday, November 29, 2011

bowery hotel wedding

alexandra and david got married at one of our favorite venues in the city, the bowery hotel. the venue itself is cozy, rich with history, and very romantic. both alexandra and david are big foodies, so they knew they wanted unique centerpieces that incorporated their favorite seasonal vegetables. we were really excited about the concept from the beginning and we went totally crazy when it came time to source all of the produce. we literally scoured every fruit stand, farmers market, and grocery store in manhattan and brooklyn to find what we were looking for and enough of them to complete each table. the best finds were mini eggplants, which have a specific name that i can't remember at this point and the peachy colored currants. the other elements included mini artichokes, tomatillos, cabbage, rutabaga, potatoes and i'm sure there are a few other little things hiding in there. i hope some of the guests took home the produce at the end of the night to cook up a feast the next day!
photography by robert sukrachand

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